Side Quests (post-Red Ribbon Gym)

After defeating General Red, there are a few things you can get done before you continue to the next area:

  • RR Base Fan Club: one of the buildings in the area has a General Red fan club that'll convert to a fan club for you. Talk to them and you'll get a Bike Voucher for the Namek Town Bike Shop. When you return there later, remember to exchange it for a free Bicycle (lets you travel even faster than the Running Shoes, and lets you access Cycling Road).
  • Route 10 Heal Center: Brief Aide will give you an Everstone if you have caught 20 fighters.
  • Route 11 Border, Floor 2: Brief Aide will give you a Radar if you have caught 30 fighters.
  • Route 2 Border (accessible with Cut from RR Cave exit): Brief Aide will give you HM05 Taiyouken if you have caught 10 fighters.
  • Saiyan Realm: Use Cut to open the Museum's side entrance, and get Wilo's Brain from the Attendant. Near the end of the game at Roshi's Island, you'll be able to resurrect him.

Rock Tunnel

From Namek Town, head eastwards behind the guarded house by using Cut on the small tree blocking your path. After a dozen or so trainer battles, you'll end up in an area with a Heal Center and a cave entrance. When you're ready, head into Rock Tunnel. Activate Taiyouken through the fighter menu, and head down the main route to exit out to Route 10.

Route 10 and Makyo Town

En route to Mayko Town through Route 10, you'll find a body of water northwards. That leads to Raichi's Lab, where you can catch Hatchiyack, but you need the Shell Bell to cross it. Head south to Makyo Town, where you'll find out that Kami is trapped at the top of God's Tower. However, you won't be able to fight the perpetrator until you get the A-Scouter.

There are three paths to take from here:

  • You *could* head up to Floor 2 to fight your Rival, but you can do that later anyway.
  • You could also head down Route 12 to get plenty of exp from a plethora of trainers until you reach a dead end. There's also a house where you can get a Super Rod, which is the best of the three fishing rods.
  • Main path: head west through Route 8 and down the Underground Path until you reach West City.

West City

There are three buildings of interest: Capsule Corp., the Z-Store, and the Game Corner. Capsule Corp. is blocked by a Pilaf Grunt for now. The Z-Store is the biggest shop in the game (see the full list of items here). At the Z-Store roof, you'll see vending machines and a little girl with her brother. Get all three drinks and give them to the girl, and you'll get a reward for each one (one of the rewards is TM16 Mouth Blast). Stocking up on Lemonades is a good idea, since they're the most effective healing item until you get to Z-Drinks (200 HP), and it's the best healing item between that and the standard 50-60 HP healers.

Right now, you can head into the Game Corner and fight the Pilaf Grunt. He'll expose the secret Pilaf Hideout, which is where you can find the A-Scouter after a bit of a trek.

West City – Pilaf Hideout

There are a handful of items on the ground, but you need to solve two sets of puzzles to reach all of them. The most notable item is the Blackglasses (boosts Dark-type moves). The main path through this labyrinth is:

  • Basement 1 → B2 → B3 → B3 Puzzle → B4
  • Beat the Pilaf Grunt and he'll drop the Lift Key. The B1 route to the elevator will also open.
  • Head back up to B1 and to the elevator down the hall. Go back down to B4 through the elevator.
  • At the end of the hall is Pilaf. Beat him to get the A-Scouter as a reward.

Side Quests (post-Pilaf Hideout)

You can do a few things at this point:

  • Go to the West City Restaurant (bottom row of buildings) to get a Coin Purse, which will allow you to use the Game Corner. Three people in the GC will give you coins, totalling 50 (equal to 1,000 Zeni). You can gamble here to make enough money for any GC prizes you want, but buying enough coins to buy prizes is easier and less risky. For a list of GC items, check the Shops page.
  • Get the Tea from the old lady near the Z-Store. This will allow you past any border guard except to Cycling Road (which requires a Bicycle, if you haven't gotten it yet).
  • After giving the Tea, you can visit Satan City to the east and fight in the Dojo to get Spopovich or Yamu (Lvl 25). You can always save this for later, since the rest of the city is blocked by Pilaf Grunts until you beat him in Capsule Corp.

At this point, you're once again at a crossroads. You can:

  • Enter Capsule Corp. (which is no longer blocked)
  • Head back to Makyo Town and up God's Tower
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