The Fusion Machine is a device in Room 2 of the Roshi Island Lab that allows you to merge your existing fighters to create new fusion fighters. There are only certain combinations that work, and those are based off of existing characters in Dragon Ball.

Overview Edit

Fusion has two purposes: (1) unlocking new fighters, and (2) to combine weaker fighters to create stronger ones (since the base stats of fusion fighters are higher than their fusees).

There are three types of fusion:

  • Potara Fusion: Every Potara fusion requires BOTH of your fusees to hold a set of Potara.
  • Metamoran Fusion: No specific items required.
  • Special Fusion: Might require the first fusee to hold an item.

Fusion averages out the following stats of your fusees:

  • Levels
  • IVs/EVs

As with evolutions, when you create fusion fighters, their natures are randomized. For example, you may have a Goku and Vegeta both with 10% ATK boosts, but you might get a Gogeta with a 10% ATK drop. It's not too significant since fusions tend to have stats high enough to compensate for such discrepancies, though.

NOTE: If you have a shiny fighter, do not use it for a fusion—the shiny status will almost certainly not get carried over (there's a 1/8192, or ~0.01% chance of keeping your fighter as a shiny).

NOTE 2: All experience points going towards the next level-up for your fighters will disappear upon fusion.

Procedure Edit

  1. Have 30,000 Zeni on-hand.
  2. Have both of the fusees in your party, one of them being your primary party member.
  3. If you're doing a Potara fusion, BOTH your fighters need to hold a Potara. Be wary, you will lose both Potaras when the fusion is complete!
    • Super C-17 is the only other fusion requiring an item—your main C-17 must hold an Up-grade
  4. Decide whether you want to keep the first two moves of each fighter for the fusion, or if you want to default to the fusion fighter's moveset.
    • If you choose the former, you can rearrange the fighters' moves beforehand to get the moves you want. To do this, go to menu → fighters → [select fighter] → summary → moves (go right twice). Click to select a move and scroll up/down to rearrange the order.
    • If you choose the latter, you can calculate the fusion's level (e.g. 10 and 20 average out to 15), then check the last four moves below that level on their character page. Those are the four moves the fusion will have by default. If there are less than four moves available, the fighter will only have those moves.
  5. Select the two fighters, select the correct fusion type, pay the fee, and you now have a new powerful fusion fighter!

Fusion List Edit

Below is a list of all the fusion combinations currently available.

Metamoran Fusions (5): Edit

Metamoran fusion doesn't require any items.

Potara Fusions (7, 2 uncertain, 1 not working): Edit

Potara fusion always requires BOTH fusees to hold a set of Potara earrings.

How to Get Potara Earrings: Edit

  1. Wild Kaioshin and Kibito fighters have a chance of holding a pair
    • It seems Kaioshin and Kibito no longer hold Potara in V6–onward, or do so very rarely.
  2. On the ground in Victory Road and Kindle Road in V6-onward (except if you already picked the replaced items in your current save)
  3. Prizes in the Trainer Tower @ Seven Island (Z and Double Z Mode)
  4. Zamasu and Black hold a Potara when you capture them

Special Fusions (4): Edit